Traffic Rider Apk App Download – Andriod, PC and iOS

Traffic Rider Apk is developed by a company called Soner Kara, they also released other games like Traffic Racer and Wings of Fire. Traffic Rider is an addictive racing game which takes the endless racing to whole new level. The game is very smooth and adds a realistic feel while playing. Begin from a bike moped to engine sport. This game additionally exhibits genuine motor sounds and will give regular shades on your race. The feel of first individual perspective and genuine engine sounds will unquestionably make this game not quite the same as other games.  Traffic Rider Apk LoadingRiding the bikes on the highways and overtaking other vehicles on the roads will make you compelled to play this game over and over again.

In this post we’ll show you how to download and install Traffic Rider Apk on your android mobile, let’s begin with game features.

Traffic Rider Apk New Features:

The developer had added several features in traffic rider APK which other racing games lacks. One of the best features I liked about this game is that gameplay looks very realistic and it shows as the first person camera view. Secondly, it has 20 motorbikes to choose from, there are real motors with real sounds from bikes.

Career mode with 39+ missions and detailed bike specifications is also another feature of this game. It also supports 71+ languages. It has 4 game modes such as Career, endless, time trail and freeride and yandere simulator. As the name suggest free ride lets you play the game as long as you can and there is no limitation on it. If you want to choose bikes with good power and braking, you can buy them using real money which is very affordable too.

They also have Starter Kit which is available for limited time for the new gamer. The kit contains an NU 350 Bike, 20,000 in cash, 20 Gold, and the ads will be removed. If you liked these feature of this game proceed to download it using the steps listed below.

Easy steps to download Traffic Rider Apk on Android Mobile:

  • There are two methods to download Traffic Rider Apk, either you can download it from google play or from here.Traffic Rider Apk search
  • It is recommended not to download this game from other third party sources as they may contain malware in it.
  • If you are choosing google play store to download this game, you may go there and search for Traffic Rider Apk in the search field.
  • Traffic Rider game icon will be displayed on the screen.
  • Tap on the game icon and proceed to the install of the game.

Easy steps to install Traffic Rider Apk on Android Mobile:

  • Once you’ve downloaded the game in your mobile, move it to SD or internal storage.
  • Just open the Traffic Rider Apk file and it will prompt to install in your android mobile.
  • Traffic Rider Apk install
  • Grant any permission if asked, wait till the game installation is finished.
  • Once the game is installed on your mobile you can search for it and start playing the game.Traffic Rider Apk install
  • If you are downloading the game using Play store, the game will be installed automatically on your mobile.

Note: If your android mobile is not allowing third party apps, you should enable “Allow third party apps” in your android mobile and try it again.

How to Play Traffic Rider Apk?

Playing Traffic Rider Apk is very easy as followed by the steps listed below.

  • You can start the game by choosing a bike in a garage.Traffic Rider Apk blue bike
  • Next, the Game Mode options will be displayed on the screen, from the start you are allowed to choose the career with FZ Turbo bike.Traffic Rider Apk mission started
  • Now your are set to go on the racing field, for the start you will have only 30 seconds to finish the game.
  • The best tip to win the mission is going faster as you can.
  • While driving over 100kmps, overtake heavy vehicles and also the cars so that bonus will be added to your account.traffic rider app
  • You can also apply brakes if they can’t give you space to go through. But don’t use brakes continuously since the time is very low.Traffic Rider Apk missions
  • The mission can be gotten to in the movement rider profession mode. Ride your bike in the streets overwhelming the activity, update and purchase new bikes to beat the missions in career mode.
  • Once the first mission is finished, the timer is removed hence no timer and no field.
  • You can also do wheelies to get extra cash and gold.
  • Reach the mission destination before the time and get rewards.

Overall Conclusion:

Traffic Rider Apk is the very addictive game and it’s quite popular too. If you are a racing game lover then you must try this game in your android mobile. If you have any questions or queries please forward them using the contact form and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Traffic Rider Apk App Download – Andriod, PC and iOS
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