Exploring Traffic Rider APK's 4 Exciting Game Modes

Exploring Traffic Rider APK’s 4 Exciting Game Modes

The Traffic Rider game offers its users a variety of gameplay modes. This write-up is all focused on covering the details of Traffic Rider Game Modes. As you play this game, you will find that the game’s developers have thought of allowing customization to the players while designing the game. The users are at liberty to customize the motorbikes, not only their looks but also the performance of bikes like power, handling and brakes. 

Let’s jump to the Traffic Rider 4 game modes without further ado.

Traffic Rider APK’s 4 Exciting Game Modes


Missions will be assigned in the career mode. The career mode has two kinds of exciting missions in the following.

  1. We will have to reach the finish line within the given time. Like most racing games, this is a simple battle against time. Some people find it boring, but I would instead call it classic.
  2. In this career mode, the user is given a new target. You will have to overtake a specific no. of vehicles in a given time. It’s a different kind of racing. 
Exploring Traffic Rider APK's 4 Exciting Game Modes

As you keep passing these missions, you will be given game points ($ and gold), and using this game currency, you can buy further bikes, apply the colours of your choice, upgrade the specs of your favourite motorcycle and much more. These rewards will make the game exciting and allow the user to customize things in the gameplay.

One-way & Two way

Initially, you will see 1-way traffic only in the game, but as you grow in the game levels, will be 2-way traffic unlocked for the player, making it more challenging and exciting to play.


After crossing a couple of stages, you can use the horn during your drive in the gameplay, which may not be that great help, but still, it makes the game look more natural, right?


The user will also be given the wheelie stunt after driving for some distance like we all used to play racing games showing nitro bars, which used to load with driving. Wheelie stunt makes the game more thrilling, challenging and rewarding also. Doing wheelie stunts gives you additional 0.3 secs for the level.

Extend Mission Time

As you go further in the game in more challenging levels, there is more and more limited time to complete the track. So either you must be PRO to complete such levels OR watch one AD or spend gold coins in the game to get that much-needed time to achieve the rank.

Career mode traffic rider mod apk

If you watch a 30 sec Ad in the game, you will get an additional 15 secs in the play time to complete that level, or instead, you can also spend a gold coin to get that extra 15 secs. But be informed that these gold coins are tough to earn and are pretty limited in the game. 

Skip hard-to-play levels; sometimes, the game is stuck on such levels, causing frustration only. At such point, the game remains no more fun but a severe disappointment. Traffic Rider offers its users to skip such stuck levels by paying four gold coins, and as the levels get more demanding, you will need more gold to miss levels again. 


The endless mode of Traffic Rider is best for those who want to practice the game without worrying about distance and time-bound laps. This mode gives the user a good practice opportunity to master the game’s moves and make themselves a PRO. It only ends when you hit your vehicle, or it crashes. After that, you will have to play from the beginning again. 

Besides, you can also earn gold and a decent amount of money using this game mode. Whenever a user feels like improving the bike performance or maybe buying a new bike, and he is short of resources, he better plays this game mode to earn the resources. It’s impressive, indeed. No more worries if you are short of gold or money. Play this game, and you will get extra cash and gold. Buy or upgrade whatever you like using this game mode with the money and gold earned. 

Improving your gaming prowess is really easy when you are given the different challenges, I find it interesting. No doubts, in moto racing traffic rider is not comparable to other competitors but in car racing Asphalt Nitro is absolute fun. Give that a shot, I’m sure you are gonna like it.

Time trial

Time Trial is a classic version of racing games. If you have already played racing games, you must be familiar with the idea of time-trial game mode. It’s a race against time. You need to reach the finish line before the time ends. Yes, as simple as it is stated!

Time Trial Traffic Rider Apk

Free Mode 

It is yet another mode of the Traffic Rider mod apk game. Like Endless game mode, there is a slight difference in both modes. In Endless, the game ends there when the rider hits or crashes; you must play from the start again. However, in the Free Mode, the game doesn’t end there when you crash your bike/scooter. 

This game mode is unlocked after playing 14 stages of Traffic Rider. For some, it may be disappointing to know that no money or gold coins are earned in this mode, but you might enjoy it as a practice session to master the Traffic Rider game. 

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Controls Settings

The game offers a variety of controls to its users. Some users like the motion-controlled steering of the vehicle, which is Cool, by the way, but for some, physical buttons on the screen work perfectly. The traffic rider offers its users both. Additionally, for some freaks who like to play games using gamepads, the game has the functionality of a gamepad as well.

You can set the throttle to manual and Auto, adding to the gameplay experience. Apart from these controls, you can also increase or decrease the sensitivity of the tilting controls.

For pro users, you need increased sensitivity; medium sensitivity works fine for new users.

Music and FX sounds are the most essential component of the gameplay experience. I like the FX sound only and want to leave the music but some users like both sounds in their gameplay. Well, Traffic Rider gives the controls to adjust these sounds per your choice.

P.S: You can unlock all the modes and bikes in the game by downloading Traffic Rider MOD APK.

Last Words

Any game would sound boring without any difficulty or challenge. Traffic Rider APK’s 4 Exciting Game Modes not only make it more and more challenging for the users but also gives the players a lot of diversification and customization in the gameplay. Having played all the modes of Traffic Rider, we can assure you the game is fun, entertaining and, of course, challenging, which makes it exciting to play. 


Will I be given all four gameplay modes unlocked from the beginning?

No, you will get only Career mode and Endless at the start, and the rest will be unlocked as you progress in the game and advance to the best levels.

Are these modes designed based on difficulty level?

No. It could be more differentiated on the difficulty level, but the gameplay modes will be unlocked as you get experienced in the game. 

Are Traffic Rider gameplay modes multiplayer? 

No, it’s not a multiplayer game, but it offers you Leaderboard to stay competitive with the rest of the best players worldwide. The top performers of the game are shown on the Leaderboard. 

How are the gameplay modes unlocked?

Well, there are two ways to get those unlocked. First, you can purchase gold coins and game money $ to unlock the gameplay modes. Second, you keep playing the game, and after certain levels of fun, the modes will start getting unlocked as you progress further in the game. 

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